Consolidating your Company’s financials for its strategic plan

The challenge of consolidating financial statements from different sources, locations and forms

Your Company might be struggling to consolidate its financial statements into one source of truth. It may be greatly impacting your ability to undertake value-adding financial analysis, strategic forecasting and financial planning. The company may have different subsidiaries using different spreadsheet formats, reporting in different currencies or extracting financials from different accounting systems.

The Financial Modelling power of consolidating financial statements

A disciplined, best-practice and robust financial model can power a corporation’s ability to consolidate its financial statements. The sophisticated nature of the global economy is reflected by many company having numerous subsidiary companies, and assets or projects in different locations/countries. A robust and all-encompassing strategic planning model can capture this is in a succinct and seamless manner.

The solution to your company’s strategic forecasting and planning requirements

The realisation of a consolidated financial model that encompasses a corporation’s subsidiaries, cross-border assets and projects will enable big picture analysis and planning. A consolidated financial model provides stakeholders with an overall snapshot of your company’s financial performance. It can be presented by business unit, subsidiaries or even by different services or products, or merely a high-level snapshot of the company’s financials can be presented.

Your company will be able to undertake scenario analysis to assess the financial impact of a potential acquisition or green field’s project. In addition, it can carry out a sensitivity analysis to gauge the effect of rising interest rates on a company’s bottom line.