Strategize is a financial modelling and advisory firm. We focus on servicing private equity, middle market, family office and banking clients. Our firm is an independent, boutique firm that is not conflicted, and works in the best interests of your firm’s business needs.

Strategize works with clients globally by providing decision support to its clients, either by

Helping executives and stakeholders gain greater confidence with an existing financial model, or

Building an error-free, robust and best practice financial model for corporate transaction purposes.

Valuate your Company


Enable executives to obtain greater assurance around an existing financial model, whether the model has been built:
  1. internally for strategic planning purposes or investment decision making needs,

  2. or

  3. externally by a target company as part of a due diligence process
The Strategize financial model is readily scalable to undertake common tasks, especially when a firm or company needs a financial model to perform:
  1. what-if or sensitivity analysis
  2. scenario analysis under various business cases
  3. valuations of an entire company, or sum of the parts of its individual businesses
  4. detailed capital structure
We assist users to improve their existing financial model or business spreadsheets, by achieving better automation of their spreadsheets to:
  1. save time
  2. improve reporting accuracy
  3. reduce cost servicing spreadsheets, and
  4. streamline their business processes around their spreadsheets