The untapped value of a Strategic Plan

The creation of a best practice financial model for a strategic plan is often viewed for a sole purpose. However there are many other circumstances, where the strategic plan can be of vital and immense value to a company.

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How a Strategic Plan can help to demystify a company’s uncertainty

The current financial and economic uncertainty faced by businesses in the world poses a variety of strategic challenges to professional managers. One tool that can help to demystify or temper these strategic challenges is the application of a strategic plan across a company, its business units, assets and projects.

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Financial Reporting & Strategic Planning dashboards

→ Added Value: high‐level graphical snapshot of KPIs to executives & other stakeholders

The dashboards will deliver a high‐level graphical and tabulated snapshot of the company’s actual, budget and forecasted financial performance. The drop‐down box functionality enables customisation for the end‐user.

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Sensitivity & Scenario Analysis functionality

→ Added Value: fully tailored sensitivity/scenario analyses to measure financial performance

Another value‐added and sophisticated element that Strategize can offer a company is the added sensitivity and scenario functionality with its customised financial modelling solution. This area of a Strategize best practice financial model can assist corporations, to conceptualise how to improve income streams, optimise costs, smooth out the lumpiness of cash flow, and strive for improved profit margins and free cash flow.

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