5 Potential Problems using Excel VLOOKUP

This financial model illustrates the potential problems or pitfalls with the Excel VLOOKUP function in financial analysis. In this example, we are using a VLOOKUP to reference the Last price for the following Dow Jones Industrial Average stocks.

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Excel Data Validation to prevent duplicate cells

In some financial models, such as cash payments spreadsheet, there is an inherent need to safeguard unique invoice number inputs.

Put simply, spreadsheet must be prevented from inputting duplicate cell values. Excel Data Validation is a fast, effective and macro-free solution, which will improve the financial model and prevent erroneous, duplicate input cells.

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Excel AGGREGATE SUM with Errors

This follow-up article on the use of Excel AGGREGATE SUM introduces the added complexity of error cells, text cells or other erroneous cells that would cause errors with a standard Excel SUM function.

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