Improving operational productivity Empowering people to optimise their daily work processes. Enhancing time management Helping to automate the management of loans. Making better sense of financial information How to fully analyse data for executive reporting. Putting a plan in place Commercialising a start-up lender’s business plan. Intelligent financial analysis Enhanced use of information to assess performance.

Private Equity



Advisory support to allay executive uncertainty and low confidence in their portfolio companies’ ability to produce error-free, consistent and uniform 3-way financial models.

No dedicated financial modelling resource to validate existing forecast assumptions and business drivers, to draft a robust, error-free and a best practice financial model for investment decisions.


Undertake a peer review of the portfolio company’s existing financial model, and where necessary perform a parallel rebuild using the Modano, Excel-based financial modelling software.

Strategize deliver financial modelling support to rapidly produce a bankable financial model, via the Modano financial modelling software, to allow executive due diligence for investment and financing decisions.


Improve the private equity executives’ understanding to better benchmark, assess and compare the financial performance of their suite of portfolio companies.

Our firm enable executives to better benchmark, assess and compare the financial performance of the private equity firm’s suite of portfolio companies; thanks to the financial modelling expertise of Strategize.

Middle Market


Middle market executives unable to devote time or resources to review an internal forecast model of their company demands the advisory support, which is required to raise additional capital or divest all or some of a company’s business units.

Limited internal personnel to perform detailed financial modelling, to support a thorough strategic plan for budgeting or forecast purposes, capital raising or corporate transactions.


Deliver decision support via a rapid, timely and cost-effective review of the internal financial model. Undertake a parallel model build by deploying Modano, Excel-based modelling software, or identifying weaknesses with input assumptions, forecast outputs and financial or valuation metrics.

A middle market company engages Strategize to rapidly create a best pracrice financial model, which can be used either for internal executive purposes or external capital providers, such as validating investment and financial decision making.

Our financial modelling support improves the middle market client’s financial analysis and strategic planning of a company’s business performance.


Executive management will better comprehend their company’s future direction, from a financial and valuation perspective, based on companywide consensus around their business forecast.

The decision support offered by Strategize delivers further assurance and strategic knowledge surrounding their company’s key drivers of profitability, cashflow and value.


Family Office



Limited human capital or financial modelling experience in the family office, commands advisory input to properly perform a due diligence on an existing financial model of a target company, especially in a competitive bidding process and a short timeframe.

Inability to undertake financial modelling for a potential acquisiton, or manage financial analysis for an existing portfolio company, due to limited modelling expertise, time or budget constraints.


Capability as a boutique, independent firm to quickly deploy experienced financial modellers to analyse often complex, bespoke transaction, leveraged buyout (LBO) or strategic forecast models. Identify spreadsheet errors, inaccurate forecast or input assumptions, and stress-test financial, valuation and capita structure outputs.

The deployment of Strategize to provide a best practice, robust and error-free financial model to support all capital raising events, or due diligence surrounding merger and acquisition activites by the family office.


Empower the family office executives, investors and lenders to acquire an enhanced understanding of a target company’s fair market value via the target’s financial model. Provide greater comfort to the family office towards divesting, merging, recapitalising or selling an existing investee company; based on projected business assumptions, valuation and capital structure.

The Strategize financial model will provide capital providers with improved confidence with capital raising rounds or deliver improved clarity to the family office executives surrounding their corporate finance activity.