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The information contained and accessed on the Site is provided by Strategize (as the owner of the Site), for general guidance and is meant to provide the user with overall information of interest. The information presented is not meant to replace or function as an alternative for any accounting, tax, advisory or other professional service, consultation or advice. You should see a professional in regards to any accounting, tax, advisory or other professional area to get such services.

Given the features of electronic communication procedures, Strategize does not assure or guarantee the Site will be free of error or omission, without delay or uninterrupted, or virus-free. Hence, the information is presented on an ‘as seen’ basis without assurances of any sort, explicit or implied, including accuracy, completeness and timeliness.

Information may be revised or amended without warning, and may include technical errors or typographical mistakes. Strategize will not be liable for damages of any type stemming from, or in relation to, the use of this Site.

Changes to the Terms and Conditions

Strategize reserves the right to change, alter, add or erase parts of the Terms and Conditions whenever, without prior warning. Please reread the Terms and Conditions periodically for amendments. Your repeated use of the Site will indicate that you accept such amendments or deletions.


Please refer to Strategize’s “Privacy Policy” for information relating to the Company’s collection, management and storage of users’ information.

Copyright and Use of Website Content

This Site and all the information it includes, or may in the future include, comprising, but not restricted to, articles, newsletters, reports, illustrations, opinions, blogs, text, and logos (known as, the “Content”), is the property of Strategize, and is protected from unauthorized copying and dissemination by Canadian copyright law. The content on this Site is covered by international copyright laws and treaties. All rights are reserved.

Conditional on your total compliance with these terms, Strategize permits you to view the Content, make a single copy of the Content, and print that copy, but simply for your own legitimate, non-commercial, and personal use. On condition that you respect all copyright, trademark and other intellectual property warnings detailed in such Content, and given that the Content, or any component thereof, is not altered.

Responses to Online Requests

Periodically, Strategize may propose to present information or resources via email or otherwise to interested individuals. Strategize reserves the right, in its total discretion, to decline any requests for such resources or information, or to cease the distribution of such resources or information to any person, for any purpose at all.

Prohibited Conduct

You may use the Site for only lawful intentions. You may not upload to, publish or else circulate via the Site, any Content that is any of the following:

  • has computer viruses, moles, worms or any other damaging or contaminating malware elements;
  • is slanderous, vilifying, pornographic, offensive, indecent, insulting, menacing or distressing, or else offensive to Strategize in the Company’s sole judgement;
  • infringes the rights of third parties, such as Content that violates any copyright, patent, trademark or infringes any right of confidentiality or promotion;
  • includes any deceptive or untruthful assertion; or
  • else infringes any relevant civil or criminal law. You are not able to neither use the Site for any commercial reason nor disseminate over the Site any solicitation of goods, services and funds. Further, you may not use the Site to solicit subscribers to join other online information services that are in competition with the Site.

Website Content Management and Removal

Strategize forbids the posting of any material that contravenes or violates the copyright and/or intellectual property entitlements of any third party. If you feel that your intellectual property entitlements are violated by any content on the Site, please do not hesitate to contact Strategize at the below address, providing a written and signed account that discloses the facts, such as the article or post that infringed your copyright and/or intellectual property rights, identification of the infringing item in the material that is requested to be removed, your personal contact details, and a sworn and signed statement or affidavit testifying the truth of the claim.

Please send all requests to: Legal, Strategize Financial Modelling Inc., Unit 2, 15 Fernwood Park Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4E 3E8.

Subscriber Conditions

You must give correct, total, and up-to-date registration information when applying with or registering to Strategize; and you agree to present Strategize with any updates to these details punctually after such changes happen.

You shall be responsible for acquiring computer equipment, communication services and other services or equipment essential to access and use the Site. You shall also be responsible for all related costs with opening and maintaining a connection to the Site as well as, but not restricted to, fees levied by an internet service provider, or your resident telephone company.

Access to and Accessibility to the Site

The Site may become inaccessible to you due to maintenance, breakdown of computer software or hardware, or for other causes, and may give rise to harm to your operations or systems. You shall be only responsible for safeguarding that any information or content acquired from the Site does not include any virus, mole, worm or other computer code intended to delete, disable, harm or else damage your data, systems or software.


You hereby consent to indemnify Strategize and all its officers from any liability, expenses (including legal costs), and losses and other expenses, in relation to any claim resulting from any use or suspected use by you of this Site, or resulting out of or in connection to any breach by you of the Terms and Conditions, or the statements, guarantees and agreements you made by consenting to these Terms and Conditions.

Entire Agreement

The Terms and Conditions represent the overall agreement between the parties with regards to the subject matter hereof, and replace all preceding written or verbal agreements between the parties with regard to such subject matter.

No Amendment or Waiver

The Terms and Conditions may not be altered except in writing signed by the two parties and no waiver by either party shall be considered a waiver of any previous or ensuing default or violation, except if such a waiver is in writing and signed by an authorised officer of Strategize.