Advisory support to allay executive uncertainty and low confidence in their portfolio companies’ ability to produce error-free, consistent and uniform 3-way financial models.

Although each company uses spreadsheets differently, there are common challenges that all organisations face managing all of their financial models:

  • lack of error checks, broken links and inconsistent use of formulas to report business performance;
  • use of static features such PivotTables, nested array formulas and hard-coded numbers to reconcile, summarise and report financial performance; and
  • an inconsistent use of spreadsheets across the organisation.


Undertake a peer review of the portfolio company’s existing financial model, and where necessary perform a parallel rebuild using the Modano, Excel-based financial modelling software.

Strategize will undertake a peer review of the existing business spreadsheets, understand the process flow, input/assumtpions and the calculations/outputs for each financial model.

Stress-test and identify ways to simplify and rationalise workbooks and/or worksheet detail in a financial model.

Identify the existence of hidden sheets, broken links and inconsistent cell referencing across a financial model.


Improve the private equity executives’ understanding to better benchmark, assess and compare the financial performance of their suite of portfolio companies.

Our firm will assist the client to adopt a uniform, consistent and streamlined approach to its business spreadsheets, which will help the company to realise more homogeniety across its financial models.