Case Study – Bi-lingual Financial Model for a Commercial Mortgage Broker

Challenge of the Mandate

A Commercial Mortgage Broker needed to consolidate its financial reporting from two businesses, into one seamless and bi-lingual financial reporting tool for executive use. One business’ source financial information was in French, whilst the other business’ data was in English.

The Client had multiple financial reporting requirements. The model needed to present separate reports by agent, lender, lender by agent, and royalties generated by mortgage transaction. The two individual businesses required a separate report.

The final product needed to be user-friendly, allow thorough reporting and analysis for executives, and help the executives to monitor the performance of its business on a monthly basis.

How Strategize added value to the Client’s Financial Reporting landscape

The ability of Strategize to deliver a best practice financial model, which could meet the client’s requirements for a bi-lingual and seamless reporting tool, was the primary value-add. Further, the capacity of Strategize to further tailor and customise the bi-lingual tool was greatly valued by the client.

The model was able to more than merely flex between French and English for the overall financial reporting. It was able to flex the cell formatting, the detailed wording in the reports, the graphs and dashboards, and the logos presented on the graph.

Strong Attention to Detail and Financial Modelling expertise

Although the Strategize model was sourced by two separate spreadsheets, the need to slice and dice the financial information for different worksheet reports commanded a strong attention to detail. The heterogeneous nature of the source files ensured further focus was required to ensure the comparative business’ reports were identical.

Equally as important was the financial modelling expertise of Strategize, which ensured a thorough execution and delivery of the mandate for the client. The best practice financial modelling approach produced a robust, consistent and error-free financial reporting tool for the client.

The best practice financial model represented to the client the following:

  • a powerful reporting tool,
  • a monthly financial reporting regime,
  • a bench-marking report to compare sales agents’ performance amongst their peers and versus budget, and
  • an executive diagnostic tool to identify loan patterns by province, agent, period and lender
The Value-Add of dynamic financial dashboards and executive summaries

A further value add-on that Strategize can deliver to clients is the creation of dynamic dashboard and graphing functionality. Strategize created (without the use of VBA macros) a dynamic, user-friendly and flexible graphing feature for the mortgage broker client to analyse the performance of its business.

Instead of creating numerous graphs, which not all financial model stakeholders require; the following dynamic dashboard solution simplifies the graphical analysis to one graph. The dashboard allowed the client to choose between the different businesses, select between agents or lenders, and chart based on period type i.e. monthly versus yearly.

Summarising the Bi-lingual Financial Reporting model

There were some key factors that ensured Strategize fully executed on this mandate for its commercial mortgage broker client. In order to consolidate two different inputs into a best practice financial model required a strong attention to detail, and showcasing expert financial and dashboard modelling skill sets.