Lean Finance solution

Added Value: reduce financial cost, increase employee productivity and effectiveness

Whilst Strategize’s best practice financial modelling delivers reduced financial spreadsheet risk and improved financial reporting quality to executives; particularly with commercial and financial decision making. Equally important is the value of the Model to reduce cost, increase productivity and effectiveness for a company.

Strategize’s financial model solutions will improve efficiency and reduce costs at a company, due to the implementation of error/alert checks, user guides to educate users of the financial models, and the seamless updating of monthly financials from budget to actual. Additionally, Strategize will build a more aesthetic and consistent financial model for a corporation, owing to cover page and table to contents features, structured cell referencing and worksheet flow, and font sizes/colours, which will all greatly enhance the operational efficiency of the Model.

Finally, increased productivity will also be achieved from the Lean Finance solution. Strategize’s best practice financial model will amplify and turbocharge the productivity of the client’s employees, by enabling them to undertake more value‐adding analysis, forecast and sensitivity/scenario analyses to better shape and improve company direction. As opposed to the unproductive and non‐value‐add of reworking legacy spreadsheets or creating ad‐hoc and eleventh hour spreadsheets, in order to merely report and analyse historical financials for example.