How your Company can better analyse its financial statements

How your Company can better analyse its financial statements

Your Company might be like this; maintains a myriad of different financial information across many systems, which makes analysing the overall financial performance very difficult. Often different business units may be using different accounting systems.

Your Company wants to remove the number crunching and manual reporting of the financial statements, which is not only time-consuming but prone to material error.

The benefits of financial modelling for your Company

A robust, auditable and seamless financial model can be tailored to your Company’s reporting and analytical requirements. If needs be, you can easily build individual financial models by business unit, division or asset to better reflect their respective financial attributes and then simply consolidate each financial model into a consolidated corporate view of your Company.

A financial model will provide financial report users a disciplined, integrated and concise snapshot of your Company’s financial picture by income statement, balance sheet and cash flow. The model will maintain a methodical reporting regime of your Company’s financials.

Value-adding solution of a financial model to your Company

A consolidated financial model will enable stakeholders to leverage work undertaken; in particular the time spent building the financial model, to provide more cost-effective, accurate and nimble analysis. Once built your financial model will enable users to leverage the existing financials, and provide forecasting, analysis and sensitivity/scenario analyses for the company’s future direction.

Your Company is most likely time-poor, you want to be able to undertake due diligence or scenario analysis rapidly; especially if there are commercial opportunities to be seized upon such as an asset purchase/divestment or a new product/service to introduce.