Customised and seamless reporting capability

→ Added Value: personalised spreadsheet solution, eliminate error and save time

Strategize can build the back‐end informational infrastructure, by liaising with the client to understand the detail and format of the source accounting files; whether it be sourced from various database or spreadsheet sources.

Once the infrastructure is in place, the Model will be able to update periodically to capture the latest information; thereby enabling a disciplined monthly or quarterly reporting process to be executed at a company.

Assuming a constant format with the input files, which originate from the client’s accounting system, model users will be able to seamlessly update the Model on a periodic basis. Comprehensive error and alert checks throughout the Model will safeguard the overall accuracy of financial information inputted, calculated and reported as outputs to executive management.

Further, the reporting rigour of the Model will enable the slicing and dicing of information, for the purposes of the company’s various financial reporting, strategic planning and ad‐hoc analysis needs:

  • Financial and management reporting,
  • Strategic planning,
  • Equity and debt raisings,
  • Due diligence for asset acquisitions or divestures
  • Tracking monthly actuals for year to date or against budget or forecast, and
  • Ad‐hoc financial, sensitivity and scenario analysis