Corporate governance tool

→ Added Value: improve executive financial decision‐making, fully customised & tailored solution.

The base value‐proposition of Strategize’s financial model is the rigorous, transparent and consistent approach to modelling a client’s financial information. Strategize delivers a fully customised financial reporting solution, which can fully meet the various reporting needs for a diverse company. The detail of the financial model can be flexed; in terms of showing the high‐level corporate information, or displaying the detailed breakdown of financials on a business unit level.

Once implemented, the best practice financial model will become an important feature in a client’s corporate governance systems, in terms of improving executive financial decision‐making thanks to these transparent, robust and audit‐friendly financial models

The implementation of error and alert checks throughout the best practice financial model, will not only verify the client’s source financial information, but will also check financial metrics that are used to report, forecast and analyse the financial performance of the company. Therefore the Model will instantly verify periodic updates to the source files from a client’s business units or subsidiaries, and ensure neither the source data nor the computed information is incorrect.

Further, Strategize is able to deliver an even more customised, tailored solution to clients, whereby a model can offer a “light” version for employees and managers, coupled with a “full” version for the domain solely of executive management. This can provide delineation in the accountability of full decision making across all levels in a company, from a financial modelling perspective, and prevent the existence of one version managed by employees and another by executives.