Using Excel Consolidate in Financial Modelling

This video will outline a macro-free approach to execute effective consolidation of data, which in this example will sum capital expenditure across three business units for strategic planning purposes.

Dynamic dependent drop-down list – advanced approach with LOOKUP

This approach uses the LOOKUP to produce a dynamic dependent drop-down list, which will cater to dependent lists of various input quantities. The application of a dynamic dependent drop-down list, can be applied in a variety of financial models and spreadsheet situations.

Can You Handle It?

The Excel Fill Handle, along with the drag-and-drop editing, are helpful apparatus for seasoned financial professionals. By hovering the mouse over a cell or range of cells, a financial modeller can copy a cell or range of cells in a few time-saving ways. Additionally the fill handle can fill adjacent cells with a series of data, not to mention cell styles or cell formats.

Data Group in Excel – Strategic Planning

The Data Group tool in Excel is an important feature to implement in a best practice strategic plan. It is a safer, more intuitive alternative to hiding rows or columns, which will often be overlooked by other model users. For the purposes of strategic planning or financial planning & analysis (FP&A), the Data Group function in Excel will enhance the financial model in a number of ways.