Using Excel Styles for Dynamic Color Formatting

The use of Excel Styles to create dynamic color coding in business planning, is a great way to achieve uniform, robust and seamless color formatting. Once implemented, the spreadsheet user can quickly modify the Style (i.e. fill color), as opposed to cycling through the entire workbook and changing each instance of the color format.

Excel SUMPRODUCT in Business Planning

The Excel SUMPRODUCT function is one of the more flexible, powerful and practical tools to compute numbers in business planning. The length and breadth of Excel SUMPRODUCT speaks for itself. This article and video will identify its value in business planning, to perform both aggregation and multiplication of financial variables in a financial model.

10 Common Problems with Financial Models

The humble Excel spreadsheet is one the most common software tools used by the business world. Consequently, many financial models are beset by the following problems, which undermine their accuracy and reliability.