Personalising your Best Practice Financial Model

Definitively, personalised is the ability to make or produce something to conform to a person’s individual requirements. The following identifies some more obscure or less understood elements of Excel, which can further improve the personalised added value of a best practice financial model.

Why a best-practice financial model is an important corporate governance tool

There are many elements that form a company’s corporate governance structure. The Cadbury Committee (1992) in the UK defined corporate governance as “the system by which companies are directed and controlled”. Clearly a best-practice financial model forms the basis of executive management decision making and future direction of the company.

Best Practice Financial Modelling

Your Company is nascent with choppy cash flow and streamlining its accounting systems. There may only be a CEO, CFO and a part-time employee to perform basic accounting duties. Hence the ability to undertake proper financial modelling and analysis appears to be a stretch.

Strategic Financial Planning & Analysis

The thorough nature of building or updating a strategic planning financial model requires a great deal of information. Although a strategic plan is a high-level overview of your Company, it is important to obtain immense detail as it will better assist you in completing the strategic plan.

Insert multiple columns using Excel VBA

This video will outline an approach via VBA, to insert multiple columns at once into an Excel worksheet. This insert multiple columns macro will give us the flexibility, to choose numerous columns to insert simultaneously.

Insert multiple rows using Excel VBA

Presently Excel only allows users to insert one row at a time. But what if we had the capacity to choose and insert numerous rows simultaneously? This video will outline one way, via Visual Basic for Applications or VBA, to insert multiple rows simultaneously into an Excel worksheet.

Excel Flash Fill in Financial Modeling

This article illustrates how to use the Excel tool, Flash Fill, for the purposes of financial modeling and business planning. Excel Flash will be demonstrated across a number of instances, and highlight how it can be an incredibly powerful and time-saving tool in financial modelling. This is especially so with large data sets.

Using Excel Consolidate in Financial Modelling

This video will outline a macro-free approach to execute effective consolidation of data, which in this example will sum capital expenditure across three business units for strategic planning purposes.