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Strategize Financial Modelling (Strategize) can deliver a fully customised, audit‐friendly and robust best practice financial modelling, reporting and analysis solution to meet the needs of a client company.

Leveraging our extensive financial modeling experience, and applying best practices when developing financial models, Strategize is able to deliver spreadsheet models exhibiting the following core characteristics:

  • Workbook structure, formatting;
  • Ability to leverage the model to derive multiple forecast scenarios;
  • Error, alert and sensitivity checks, uniform formulae creations, workbook protection; and
  • Purpose-based formatting, formulae composition.
  • The essence of a best practice financial model is to achieve cost synergies, which a standard financial model is unable to fully satisfy.
  • A standard model will require timely and costly rework periodically, in order to replicate the executive reporting requirements of the prior periods.
  • A best-practice financial model will enable model users to undertake more value-adding analysis, forecast and sensitivity/scenario analyses to better shape and improve company direction.
  • The best practice financial model’s robustness and flexibility represents less hours spent, which would be spent otherwise to redevelop, rework or repair an existing spreadsheet.

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Our models and analysis will give your company a clear vision of the road ahead.

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The reporting solution will deliver more accurate and automated monthly reporting, which will address a corporation’s diverse, complex and differing reporting needs due to its various locations, diverse businesses and operations.



Strategize advisory services assist clients with financial models for mergers and acquisitions, capital raising or reverse take-overs. These mandates can entail Strategize undertaking a financial model build, or reviewing an existing financial model for the client.


Financial modelling engagements include management consulting, business planning, financial planning & analysis (FP&A), or creating customised financial models – often with Excel VBA macros.


The expert knowledge of Strategize with Microsoft Excel and financial modelling can be leveraged to customise such training for corporate clients, across their areas of finance/accounting, business units and operations.

Strategize can deliver financial modelling solutions, which deliver the following value‐added benefits to a company